Your Brand is More Than Just Your Logo

Many companies mistake their brand identity for their logo. They see the two as interchangeable, this however, could not be more misconstrued. Although your logo does represent your brand, it does not define it. These are some of the different aspects that come together to complete and define your brand.

Tone of Voice

This is how individuals will relate to your brand – your tone of voice is your company’s personality. Although you will have some say over how your company will be portrayed, it will be your target market who will ultimately shape the ‘way you speak’. Tone of voice can be developed by aligning your company’s values to one or more brand archetypes.


Language is slightly different to tone of voice, as it relates to the words a brand uses, rather than the way these words are said. Again, this will be largely determined by your target market. For instance, you wouldn’t expect a company like Mcdonald’s to use words like anomaly, precocious or unrequited. In the same way you would not expect a lawyer’s firm to use colloquial words or acronyms such as LOL, whatevs or rightio. This is because your target audience already have a preconceived notion of the type of brand (personality) they are about to interact with, and nobody trusts a lawyer who doesn’t take the time to complete the word whatever.


Your brand is the way you make people feel when they think of you. Think of Airbnb and you imagine community and comfort, and if you think about Red Bull you get feelings of adrenaline and excitement. Great brands make you feel – what they feel is up to you.

There are numerous studies out there that analyse the different emotions that are evoked by different colours. Use these studies to find the colour that best suits the mood you are trying to convey with your brand. If you want individuals to feel calm when they think of your brand, then use cool colours, for a feeling of excitement go for a red or orange. Find what works.


Visuals is the most effective way to make a connection with an individual, this is because taking in information from an image takes a lot less time and effort than gaining the same information via text. When choosing imagery for your brand it is important to acknowledge the purpose of your imagery, the primary colours it showcases, the simplicity of the image and the shapes within the image.


The most important aspect to branding is consistency. None of the above points will matter if you are not consistent with the way you portray your brand. Like previously mentioned, your brand is your company’s personality, so suddenly changing the way you speak, or how you look could be confusing and off putting to consumers who were only just starting to like you.

Before beginning any branding, it is important to understand the fundamentals of why your company does what it does. What is the mission statement? Once you have figured this out, making decisions on the different aspects of your brand will become a lot easier.


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