7 Questions to ask yourself before starting your next marketing campaign

Launching a new product? Making the most of holiday celebration? Or trying to rebrand? Whatever the reason for your marketing campaign, here are 7 questions to ask yourself to ensure your it is a success.

1. What is your goal?

This is the most important question. Know what you are trying to achieve with this campaign. An increase in sales? Increase in sales of a certain product? Are you trying to gain exposure for a new business with more website hits? A goal will help you streamline your efforts and inform the following questions.

2. Who are you targeting?

Think demographics, geographic, purchase behaviour etc. Your campaign goal will help you determine your target audience. If your retargeting, it will be people who have already been exposed to your brand. If it the purchase of a certain product, your target audience will be specific to the likes, and purchase behaviours of people who buy similar products, If it is brand exposure, your target market will be broader.

3. How long will you run the campaign for?

This is important both for budgeting and for the monitoring of the success of a campaign.

 4. What is your measure for success?

Again this will be determined by your goal. Most likely than not, success will be determined by sales. However, other measures of success can also include event attendance, website hits or email sign ups

5. What is plan B?

If your campaign is not a success, what is your plan B? You will need to analyse the data of you running campaign to help inform plan B, however, it is important to have a rough idea of what you could do before launching plan A.

6. What is your budget?

How much are you willing to spend on this campaign? Is your budget enough to reach the amount of people necessary to be effective? Budgeting will depend on the size of your business, the goal you are trying to achieve and the length of your campaign. Your budget should also factor in non-marketing factors such as paying for a videographer, hiring costs if an event is involved etc.

7. Where will be you running your campaign?

An above the line (ATL) campaign is much more expensive than one run solely online. For ATL, you will need to consider location, high traffic areas, and areas of intent in context of the campaign you will be running. In the online space you will need to factor in the various social media channels you will be utilising, retargeting methods, email communication and whether you will be utilising influencers.

Although there are many other considerations to factor in when launching a marketing campaign, these are the 7 questions that are essential to ensuring that your campaign reaches the results that you want to achieve.


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