Content Pillars to Integrate into Your Social Strategy

Content pillars are essential to every marketing strategy. They can be executed through blog or article content on site, or through videos, images, polls etc. Correctly choosing and executing content pillars will increase organic traffic to your website and promote your brand values and identity to your audience.

We’ve put together the 7 most common content pillars to include in your social media content.

Behind The Scenes

This type is most popular in the form of photos or videos. Humans are naturally nosey, we want to know how something happened, why it happened etc. Providing behind the scenes (BTS) content allows your customers to connect with you on a deeper level than a product or purchase. This type of content also gives you the opportunity to reinforce your brand values.


Well duh! Creating awareness of your products is essential to marketing. Many companies fall into the mistake of showcasing their products as a shop view on a website. Avoid this and be creative by showing your product in clever ways. Nutella does this in a great way on their instagram page.

Our favourite post to date has got to be their chatterbox video.

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Wondering how to top your breakfast? Help is here.

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Educating your followers on your product – how they’re created, the inspiration behind them, how to use them – this will allow them to become familiar with your product without before purchasing it. They will also have a greater experience with your product if they understand more about it.


Research shows that consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand AND stay loyal to them, if they trust them. This trust has to be developed over time, and adding a humanisation content pillar is a great way to implement this. Bring your brand to life by giving a face to the name; you can execute this with a meet the team each week, a message from the owner or employee top tip.


Everybody does them because they work. Quotes can be utilised for any brand. The majority of your brand identity will be displayed through the design of your quote images. When choosing your quotes it is important make sure that they are relevant. A good rule of thumb is to use quotes from people who are iconic within your industry.


This content will depend on your target audience and your brand positioning. For instance, if you’re a brand that is in the space of luxury, targeting women aged 40+, this content pillar is not for you.

If your brand positioning does allow for memes, then it is definitely a pillar to utilise. Memes are familiar, relatable and ignite an emotional response which makes them easily shareable.

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Every. Damn. Time. 👛

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Customer Spotlight

Who doesn’t like their 5 minutes of fame. Customer spotlights are an easy and effective content pillar to execute. Encourage your customers to post an image of themselves with your product online with a specific hashtag. This content creates increased brand awareness, a positive customer review, and content creation with minimal effort. It also shows that you care about the people buying your products, adding a human side to your brand.

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