15 Ways To Grow Your Email Database

An email database that has been well kept with engaged subscribers is a gold mine to marketers. Email marketing has proven itself time and time again as the channel bringing in the highest ROI for businesses.

To ensure that you are making the most of this channel it is important to be constantly growing your list – if you are periodically ‘cleaning out’ your subscribers you’ll find that you are getting rid of many emails. Your subscribers may have left an old job and the email address they used to sign up to your content, or they may have abandoned the inbox that they only use to fill out website forms.

Here are a few things you can do to grow your email database.

1. Gated content

Offer your potential contacts valuable content that they will be willing to provide their email address for. Look at the analytics of your website to find the most visited piece of content on your page and the most engaged piece of content on your social channels to guide you on what content you should provide. You can offer this gated content via your website or social media platforms.

2. Teaser content

Similar to gated content, teaser content teases your audiences and entices them to find out more about a topic, for example, 25 ways to boost your social media reach, but only providing the top 15 ways requiring an email address to receive the last 10 in your inbox.

3. Competitions

Competitions are a great way to build up your email database quickly. Have providing the email address as a form of entrance. When choosing this method to grow your database, you can expect a higher than usual unsubscribe rate post competition – this is not a negative, it keeps your email list clean.

4. Partner sends

Partner up with a like minded company and send out a ‘sponsored email’ enticing subscribers of this new list to also join your mailing platform. This offer can be made more enticing by offering an exclusive discount or offer to these specific subscribers.

5. Lead gen ads

Facebook has made it easy to create lead generation ads to gather email addresses. A well targeted email campaign can see you acquire new email addresses for <$1 per email. Be sure to provide an enticing enough offer with this campaign. An ebook always works well.

6. Email sign up at the end of each blog post

If your website visitors find your content interesting and valuable they will be more inclined to sign up to your email database. Make it easier for them by adding a call to action at the end of each of your blog posts.

7. Link to subscribe in email signatures

Just with your social buttons, add an option for people to sign up to your email newsletters via your email signature. Make the CTA clear.

8. Home page as sign up page

Many sites have successfully used this method, however, it may not be the best option for an ecommerce website where the main goal of a visitor is to browse products. This is something that should be A/B tested before it is fully rolled out on your website.

9. Timed pop ups

No one likes an in your face sign-up pop up the second they land on a page. Time your sign up pop to appear 10-30 seconds after someone lands on your page – better yet, time it to pop up as someone reaches the end of reading a blog post or hovers to exit the screen.

10. Host a webinar

Host a webinar and only allow access through providing an email address. This method creates exclusivity around the webinar being held and also gives a contact a reason and value for providing their email address.

11. Change your Facebook CTA to sign up to the email list

A simple change could be to change your Facebook CTA to ‘Sign Up’.

12. Change your FB cover to sign up to the email list

If you are worried about losing sales or traffic to your site by changing the Facebook CTA button, then change you cover image to direct people to sign up to your mailing list through the tab on the side of your page.

13. Create great content that people want to share

If you are creating emails with content that resonates and is engaging, then naturally, people will want to share what they are reading. So create content that you would feel compelled to forward to a friend if it landed in your inbox.

14. Add a signup form to your footer

Add a signup section to the footer of your website. This will ensure the option is always available to visitors on your site. Make it more prominent by having the footer section contrast with the rest of your page.

15. Floating bar

Similar to a pop up a floating bar is another way to encourage website visitors to sign up to your email database. Time the floating bar to appear 10-30 seconds after somebody lands on a blog article on your website.

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