6 Signs You Should be Outsourcing Social Media

Outsourcing social media for your business could save you time and make you money.
Social media has become an extremely important part of every business’s online marketing strategy – it is essential to stay relevant in the digital market and to stay top of mind with your customers. Although we are aware of the importance of having a professional social presence, not all businesses are investing the time and money necessary to make an impact.
Social media is time-consuming and everchanging. There are Facebook algorithm updates, new platforms being introduced, trending content styles and topics, and then, of course, the paid side of things. Failing to dedicate the necessary resources to your business’s social media presence could see you fall behind your competitors and miss out on opportunities to engage with your target market.
If you find yourself nodding your head to one or more of these points, it may be time to outsource your social media.

1. Your focus is on tasks and not strategy

All businesses should have a social media strategy in place that is aligned with the wider business goals. If you find yourself or your team posting on social media on a day to day basis with no real purpose behind the posts then it’s time to look at outsourcing.
Without a strategy in place to inform to why you are posting certain posts, to whom and at what times, you are risking an untargeted messaging campaign that is ineffective in reaching your target audience. A strategy will give purpose to your posts – it will force you to track the progress of your social media platforms and understand why certain executions are working and others are not.
A strategy also forces you to look further than the task of uploading a post; you are made to look at how that post will resonate with your audience, whether the post is better suited to go out at a different time, whether your competitors are doing or have done something similar, or whether the post is relevant to name a few.

2. It is an extension of someone else’s job

Social media is not something that can be done ad-hoc or when someone has the spare time. To do social media well you will need a dedicated person or team who is able to spend the time looking into the insights of your posts and campaigns.
The more platforms that you are looking to be present over, the more time that will need to be spent on social media. Having a dedicated team or person looking after social media will also help with things such as consistency of posts in their branding; look and feel, the tone of voice. They will also have the time to research into changing trends and how that affects your business – if it affects your business – dig into insights and have the time to plan and execute effective campaigns.

3. You are not seeing the results you would like

There are many variables when it comes to achieving the results you are looking for via social media. No one platform is the same and nor should the deliverables be treated in the same way. Outsourcing your social media strategy and management to an expert in the area will allow them to align your social goals with your business goals and provide you with realistic expectations for results.

4. You are changing your branding or communication message

A brand change or revamp is a crucial time for a business, if not handled correctly it could alienate the current consumer base but also deter new customers from accepting the change.
Social media is a powerful weapon in facilitating change. Outsourcing social media during this transition stage could be the difference between a ghost town on your pages with followers suddenly unsure of what account their following, to a highly engaged page or feed full of questions and curiosity around the changes occurring.
Outsourcing an expert in social media can also give you fresh eyes in different campaigns that could be executed to facilitate a positive change in branding.

5. Messages and comments on your social pages are being left unanswered for hours

Social media is not resigned to office hours. People are most active on social platforms outside of the regular 9 to 5. It is important that all questions and comments on your brand pages are answered in a timely manner. The average customer expectation for when they should receive a reply is 1 hour. The average response time of brands is actually 10 hours.
If you are not engaging with your customers and answering their questions in a timely manner then you will lose them to your competitors. Outsourcing social media will mean that you have a team who is monitoring your pages 24/7; ready to answer any questions that come your social media pages’ way.

6. You do not have KPIs for your social media

Without KPIs to track your progress you will not know whether your social media strategy (if you have one in place) is working. KPIs keep you and your team accountable for how your business’s social media channels are being managed.
Treat social media as you would any other marketing channel. There is a lot to be gained by a business if they are to do social media well.


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