10 Quick & Easy Halloween Marketing Ideas

So we’re 6 days into the month of October and you’ve realised… it’s Halloween in 25 days and you haven’t done anything or thought of a way to use this holiday to your business’s advantage! Fear not, we’ve put together a list of easy Halloween marketing ideas that you can implement as soon as tomorrow.

Halloween branding

This can be as simple as adding a splash of orange, purple or black to your packaging or website. Other ways to incorporate Halloween branding in the last minute is to create an updated logo entailing the theme of Halloween. Use this logo to replace your profile images across your social media handles. Voila! You’re spooky and on trend.

Trick or treat with your products

Everybody loves a treat, but even more, they love the suspense. Gamify your products amongst our customers by offering a ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ with every purchase. The treat can range from Halloween candy to a gift voucher on a next purchase. You could add in a trick through jokes written on the packaging or placed inside the parcel.

Strategically placed spooky pop-ups

Everybody loves a little surprise; adding in functionality to your website which creates abnormal behaviour could be all it takes to see your abandoned carts decrease and word of mouth (or in today’s age – social media) increase new visitors to your website.
Try adding a feature that shows a witch flying across the screen when somebody adds an item to cart, and have the whole screen turn into a thank you page of a branded spooky video once an order is placed. That’s sure to get people talking!


You can never go wrong with a competition and Halloween is a great time to host a user generated competition. Ask your customers to send in pictures of themselves incorporating your product into their Halloween costume to go in the draw to be invited to an exclusive Halloween party hosted by your brand.
The idea of providing exclusivity to an event that allows an individual to be part of something more ‘elite’ provides an intrinsic value to the customer – in the world of social media, pictures from an exclusive party is definitely insta worthy. You’ll continue to have customer post about the party while at the event.

Create themed product bundles

You don’t have to create a whole new Halloween product, you can just bundle a few you already have. Get creative with how you bundle these together; by colour, name, scent, date released, a combination to create a Halloween look etc.

Create a spooky video

A simple video could be all it takes to get your brand out there and driving new traffic to your website. Be clever with how you incorporate your brand into the video – you could use your products as the witches and ghouls or have the video set in your office or store.

Offer a discount for customers who ‘spookify your product’

Everyone loves a discount, most are willing to work for it. Use the opportunity to ask your followers and customers to Halloween-ify your product, post it to social media and tag your brand to receive a discount code to be used at the checkout.

Send out products in reusable trick or treat bag

Simple, yet effective in getting your brand out there.

Post Halloween posts throughout your social media

Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. Creating 5-10 Halloween themed posts throughout October could be all you need to keep make sure your brand looks ‘in-the-know’. When creating these posts make sure to use the right geo locations and hashtags to get the most out of the holiday.

Halloween catalogue

Everyone wants to shop, you’ve just got to give them a reason. Creating something as simple as a Halloween catalogue can be a catalyst to an increase in sales for your business. Share the catalogue via social media and emails for maximum exposure. Better Yet, create a Halloween themed shop section on your Facebook page with a timed offer.

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