5 Ways to use social media to better your SEO presence

SEO and social media both work towards the same goal. Building a presence online to direct traffic to your website. Although social media is no longer thought to be a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm, there are steps you can take with your social media that can improve your brand’s SEO.

1. Be present on social channels

It may seem obvious, but the more channels that you are present on, the more opportunities to have to use social media to improve your SEO standings. In saying this, you should only be present on as many social media platforms that you can manage to maintain.

When creating your social media channels make sure that you have filled out the about section with keywords that you are looking to rank for.

2. Create original content that will engage

The more your content is shared via social media the more importance Google will place on that piece of content and the author if it. Create content that resonates with your audience; the more the content resonates, the more likely they are to engage with the post and share it with others.

3. Link back to your website

This may seem obvious, but we’re not just talking about linking to your home page from the about section. Link back to different sections of your site in an engaging and creative way. Some ways to do this is through blog posts, product features, FAQs etc.

4. Engage in social interactions and communications

The more content there is across your social media platforms the better. Increase your reach and presence through engaging with your social media community; comment on people’s post and like their content. This is also a great way to boost your social media reputation amongst your consumers.

5. Make your onsite content easily shareable

It’s not just your social media that can help improve your SEO. Having other social media accounts talking or mentioning your brand or website will also help – the more authoritative the account the better. Make your onsite content shareable by adding social share links on your blog posts, infographics, and quotes throughout your website.

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