Boosting Facebook Posts Vs. Facebook Ads

Facebook is a powerful platform allowing business to connect with their consumers, on a personal, one-to-one basis. However, you may have noticed, that Facebook’s organic reach has steadily been diminishing. With fewer people seeing your content and an increasing number of competitors surfacing, paid Facebook reach has become a necessity for businesses who want to stay top of mind amongst their consumers.

So? What’s the best way to get your business out there on Facebook? Through ads or via boosting posts? The answer to this isn’t straightforward and can be different for different brands, or campaigns. When deciding to create a Facebook ad or boost a post, consider the following.

What is your goal?

As with any action taken in marketing, it is important to understand what goal you are trying to achieve. When boosting a post, you are only able to optimise your post for either engagement (likes, comments, shares), clicks through to your website or messages to your inbox.

Facebook Boosted Post Placements

These restrictions on your objective mean that your posts will not be performing at it’s best to convert an individual to by a product or sign up to a mailing list. Facebook also gives you the option to add a button to your boost, such as a ‘shop now’, ‘sign up’ or ‘get quote’. These buttons should not be confused as an objective – they are there as an add-on.

If you are looking to gain pure engagement on your posts – like a comment or like to win, then boosting is a valid option. If however, you are looking to push people to your website, convert people to buy a product or want them to download an app, we would highly recommend creating an ad.

Facebook ads allow a much broader scope for choosing a specific objective for your post/s.

Facebook Ads Objectives

How specific do you want your targeting?

When it comes to targeting an audience, Facebook allows for specific targeting for both boosted posts and ads. There is no alternative that is better than the other in this sense.

Both options also allow you to create a new audience that does not exist.

Where do you want to show your content?

Content placement can have a considerable effect on the performance of your ad or boosted post. Boosted posts do not allow you the flexibility of choosing the placement of your content. You can choose whether or not you would like to show your post on Instagram as well as Facebook.

Facebook Boosted Post Placement

Facebook ads allow you more control over where your ads are being shown. For instance, if you are retargeting website visitors with a discount ad, you have the option to ONLY choose the right-hand column placement. Likewise, if you would like to show your post only on the newsfeed, or just on mobile newsfeeds, you can also do this with Facebook ads. It also allows you the option to drill down on placement based on device type and operating system.

Facebook Ad Placements

If you are creating a brand awareness post, then boosting posts is a viable option, however, for any other type of content, we would highly recommend using Facebook ads.

Do you want the content to feature in your newsfeed?

As you may already know, it is only possible to boost a post that is currently on your newsfeed. This is not ideal if you are looking to boost a discount post to only page likers, or only people who have engaged with your page over the last 3 months.

If your content is segmented specifically to ONLY be shown to certain people then Facebook ads are the way to go. You can create dark posts on Facebook which allows you to create a post without it featuring on your newsfeed whilst still looking like it does feature on your newsfeed.

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