Social Media Campaign Template

This social media campaign template will make creating your next social media campaign easy. Social media campaigns can be created

  • to support a wider marketing campaign;
  • market the release of a new product;
  • run a sale;
  • align with a holiday or celebration; or
  • to simply create increased awareness for your brand.

When running a social media campaign, you should consider the following areas.

Campaign goal

This is the goal of your whole campaign, not necessarily your social media campaign. An example of a campaign goal could be to increase sales, grow your email database or to convert 1st-time buyers into repeat customers.

Identify your social platforms

This section is pretty self-explanatory. Choose which social platforms you will be running your social media campaign across. This should be informed by data from your past campaign performances and research conducted on your database. For example, for a lead capture campaign, you may have found that you had an extremely low conversion rate on YouTube, but an extremely good response through Facebook.

Social media campaign goal

Now that you have chosen your social media platforms, you can create social media campaign goals. Your social media campaign goal is specific to your platforms and social media. Your social media goals may be:

  • 20% of Facebook ad clicks to convert into a sale
  • Capture 50% of all Facebook page likers email addresses
  • Have a 30% CTR for YouTube pre-roll ads
  • 25% conversion rate from Instagram

Target audience

When we say target audience, we aren’t referring to platforms; we’re referring to demographics, purchase behaviour, platform interaction etc.

Campaign messaging

Once you’re aware of your social media campaign goal and who you are targeting, it’s time to create the messaging for your campaign. This should be consistent with your overall campaign. The message could be one of community, it could include a statistic to add credibility to your brand, etc.


Informed by your campaign message, your CTA should be the action that you want your target audience to take; ‘Download Now’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Sign Up’.


Know how long you are going to be running your campaign for. We suggest running your social media campaigns for a minimum of four weeks. This gives you time to see the results of your work and gather enough data to find learnings to inform your next campaigns.

Posting Schedule

This posting schedule refers to posts that you will be included in your regular social media calendar, as well as the schedule of ads that you will be running.


If you’ve been using social media for business, you’ll know that it is all pay-for-play. Define a budget for your campaign and stick to it. This budget should be in line with the goal that you are trying to achieve. N saying this, be sure to calculate your expected ROI for your budget.


If you’re using an influencer or ambassador for your campaign be sure to include this in your goals and reporting.

Download your social media campaign template here.

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