List: Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, it can be difficult to keep up with algorithm updates, new social media features, email marketing studies and best practice throughout the various channels in general.

We’ve put together a list of digital marketing blogs to help you stay on top of the changes and updates.


Email blogs

Really good emails

This website is great as a blog resource as well as a source of inspiration for email design and copy. The blog covers trends, news, lessons learned and email exploration. The main email site has a collection of hundreds of real example emails in over 20 categories.

Campaign Monitor

Email service provider campaign monitor brings you articles with expert opinions, trends in the email marketing space, best practice articles as well as industry-specific email tips.

Email Monks

Email monk provides easier reads with industry updates, email coding, email inspiration and email landing page tips.

SEO blogs


Moz is a great blog resource with articles being posted by vetted authors and contributors.

Search engine land

A very specific collection of articles that go into depth on how to improve the SEO rankings for your website.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a well-known figure in the digital marketing and SEO industry in particular. The articles on this site cover SEO as well as social media topics.

Search engine journal

The search engine journal regularly updates their content with two new articles a day. This is a great site to stay up to date with SEO changes and how they affect you and your website.

SEM blogs

Search engine watch

With a focus on both SEO and SEM, search engine land talks about PPC in all aspects, not just Google Adwords and advertising. You can find information on PPC strategies, aligning your landing page with your PPC strategies, general tips, software and tools etc.


If you’ve worked in the digital marketing space you will have heard of Semrush. The articles on this site provide great articles for both experts and beginners in the field.

The SEM blog

This blog provides information on PPC tools, free SEM tools, how-to’s etc.


Social media blogs


This blog covers a wide variety of articles across all social media channels including advertising tips, keyboard shortcuts etc.

Social media examiner

The social media examiner creates easy to read and easy to understand articles that are appropriate for those with minimal knowledge in the industry and for those who have been doing social media for a while. The article covers trends, data analysis, feature roll outs etc.

Sprout social

Sprout social provides a wider scope in it’s articles than Hootsuite and Social media examiner. As well as providing information specific to social media updates, how-to’s and trends, sprout social provides articles specific to helping agencies better themselves in the social media space.


This blog provides you with how-to’s, tips, information on the best social media tools to be using, guides and courses, and resources that are available.

Facebook Newsroom

This blog is dedicated to – you guessed it – Facebook specific news. From the data collection issues that are currently in the spotlight to updates on platform changes and facebook user tips for marketers.


General digital marketing blogs


Hubspot covers a large variety of topics that vary from how to take great images for your feed, tech news, how to record voicemails that sound professional, what video metrics to be tracking, email management tips etc.

Get Digi With It

We couldn’t leave ourselves off the list. We publish articles about SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing and branding.

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