How to Choose the Right Influencers For Your Business

Influencer marketing can be a great way to provide your business with an influx of sales, or to create greater brand awareness for your products or services. However, not every influencer that may seem right for your business or brand will be. So how do you choose the right influencers for your business?

There are a few things to consider before reaching out to work with an influencer. You have to need to know how you will be compensating your influencer, what social channels you would like them to feature your business on, how you would like the influencer to ‘sell’ your product or service. Although, all of this should be done after conducting the following research.

Engagement on their social profiles

There is little to no point if you are working with an influencer who does not see much engagement on their page. An engaged audience is more likely to dismiss products or services being recommended to them. Create a spreadsheet on the % of engagement an influencer gets based on their followership. Look at likes, comments, and take notice of whether the comments are negative, positive, or neutral.

When looking at engagements you should also take notice of whether your influencer interacts with their followers. This interaction shows a deeper connection between the influencer and their followers, which points to a greater sense of trust and loyalty between the two. This trust and loyalty are more likely to result in sales for your business.

Ask for demographics

When you are trying to choose the right influencer for your business, demographics is key. Your influencers followership should reflect your ideal target audience. If they don’t match up, you will see this reflected through minimal sales and traffic to your website or social profiles.

Do not be afraid to ask an influencer for their demographic statistics, this information is crucial to making the right advertising decision for your business. A professional influencer should provide you with this information without a fuss.

Alignment of brand values

Similar to the influencers follower demographics, your influencers values should also align with that of your business. An alignment of values will attract like-minded people with similar values to your brand. It creates something in common between your business and potential customers through your influencers followers.

Look at the way the influencer speaks to their followers, what their main messaging is throughout all of their communication, what industry do they focus on, do they have any strong political opinions etc.

Research their feed

Before choosing the right influencers for your business, take a look through their social media feeds. Understand how often the post, their style of posting and how regularly they create sponsored posts.

Researching an influencers feed will allow you to see how your product or service will fit into it.

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