Easy to Implement Video Content Ideas

Video content is an essential part of social media content. With 87% of online marketers uploading video content and one-third of online activity spent watching video content, brainstorming content to upload can become tiring.

We’ve put together a list of video content ideas that are easy to implement into your video strategy.

Behind the scenes

This type of content gives your viewers and customers another perspective on your brand. It allows them to create a personal connection which leads to higher rates of loyalty and advocacy.


This type of video content can be used to answer FAQs, increase community engagement and to address any stories circulating in the media.


Humans are inquisitive by nature. Give your viewers a peek into how the products they use are created.

Educational content/How-to’s

This video content can be used to help customers better utilise your product. It can also be used to inform them on issues that are relevant to your brand or product.

Get to know the team

Introduce members of your team to the public. Put a face to the name; these videos can be made fun by experimenting with recording style (Vlog style recording, follow me around, P.O.V), and the way the content is portrayed (through answering a standard set of questions, challenge videos, face-offs).


Pretty self explanatory – this video content can be used to introduce new influencers or faces to a brand. It can also be used to interview employees and customers.

Customer testimonials

Find your happy customers and let them tell the story of your product.

Regular series

Create a regular series on your channel and upload a relevant video to a pre-set schedule; weekly, fortnightly, monthly. This will also provide your viewers with an expectation of when a new video will be uploaded onto your channel.

Influencer/celebrity videos

If you are using influencers to create videos to promote your product then be sure to upload and share that footage on your page.

Seasonal videos

Use the seasons to create fun little videos to celebrate holidays and occasions. They can be a great way to inject personality into your videos and can be used throughout your emails as well.

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