7 Digital Marketing Tips For Success

Digital marketing has changed the way brands speak to their customers, it has also changed the way businesses advertise. Before digital marketing, it wasn’t possible to receive real time data on the performance of your advertising campaigns.

Now, through the digital world, not only are we able to track results in real time, but businesses are also able to better target their audience with specific messaging to convert an individual during a specific stage of their brand journey.

We’ve put together our top 7 digital marketing tips to better your business’s digital marketing efforts

1. Reuse and recycle your content

Just because you’ve posted a blog once, doesn’t mean you can’t post it again, or that you can’t post it in a different way. Content can be reused and recycled in many different ways. A blog post can be turned into:

  • A video;
  • Top tips graphics;
  • A podcast;
  • An infographic;
  • Email newsletter;
  • Top tips twitter posts; or
  • An Ebook

Repurposing your content will ensure that you are getting the most of what you are creating, it will also allow you to reach different audiences with the same information – but tailored to the platform that they are following you on.

Look through Google Analytics to find the best performing blog posts on your website and start by repurposing those. While you’re there, if there’s a popular article that you haven’t shared in a while then don’t hesitate to give it some more love across your digital marketing platforms.


2. Track everything

If there’s one digital marketing tip that you take away from this article, let this one be it. Tracking is integral to knowing whether or not your digital marketing efforts are successful. Without tracking your data you will not gain insights into what worked well, what didn’t work well, and you’ll also be missing out on insights you may not have considered.

Real-time data also allows you to create flash campaigns with instant results. Not only will this data help you track campaigns that are running, you will also be able to analyse your audience behaviour and drill down into different audience segments to better understand how they react to various marketing campaign messaging.


3. Unify messaging across all digital marketing platforms

Consistency is key not only within each of your digital marketing platforms but as well as across all the platforms as a whole. Customers will generally follow you across more than just one digital marketing platform, for example, social media and emails.

Ensuring that your messaging is consistent and unified across all platforms will ensure that your customers will relate to your brand wherever they see it. A strong unified message starts with a strong brand and is amplified through a strong digital marketing strategy.


4. Always be testing

There is always something new to be learning. Testing ensures that you are constantly working to better your website, social channels, email marketing etc. to bring in the best results for your brand.

A/B tests are a simple way to find which email template converts better, which image performs better on social media, or which landing page brings you the best result. Without testing, you face the risk of losing customers to your competitors or simply an outdated social media ad.


5. Be consistent

It is not enough to be present across all digital platforms, you need to be active and consistent in uploading content to these channels as well. Consistently uploading to these platforms will not only grow your follower base, but will also build up an engaged community who have entered the first stage of the marketing/sales funnel.

Quality trumps quantity with digital marketing, so only be present on the number of platforms that your business can comfortably manage on a daily basis.


 6. Don’t forget your call to actions

A call-to-action doesn’t just have to refer to buying a product, but it is important that all of your communication is action orientated. Whether that be to like a post, share with friends, download an e-book, enter in a D.O.B etc.

Assign a purpose to each of your digital marketing platforms – conversion, awareness, acquisition – and work towards implementing the appropriate call to actions for each of these platforms.


7. Be mobile friendly

This should be a given to everyone. If you’re not mobile friendly or a little unsure about where you stand… go, GO NOW! Optimise your website and emails for mobiles. Why? Because 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site.

Online mobile consumption is steadily increasing, and so having a mobile friendly everything should be a basic part of your business.


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