15 Content Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

Struggling to find an idea for your next blog post? We’ve put together a list of 15 content ideas to help you create content consistently for your website.


  • A wrap-up


A wrap-up post is an informative piece of content that allows your readers a behind-the-scenes look at your business. This type of post is a great way to round up an expo, seminar or workshop, online event or networking event. It allows your readers to feel as if they were there at the event even if they may not have been.

This type of post is also a great way for your business to promote future events. By tagging and naming people associated with the event you are wrapping up, it increases the possibility of your content being shared by those who were involved.


  • How-to’s


This content idea is educational, it can help your readers familiarise themselves with your product or service. How-to content pieces are also easy to read and digest. They can also incorporate how-to’s surrounding your industry. For example, a hair salon could have content on how to curl your hair with a straightener, how to reduce damage to your hair, or how to massage your scalp for increased blood circulation.

All of these topics are not specifically related to getting a haircut or buying a hair product, but it reflects the expertise of the business and is still relevant to the brand.


  • Top tips


This is similar to how-to articles, however, tips involve less complicated information. This type of content is an easy read and is perfect to share on social media. This article can also be created with a lot of visual aids and graphics that can be re-shared to platforms such as Pinterest.


  • Lists


Similar to top tips, lists are easy to share, easy to read, and most importantly easy to create. This content is a great option if you are running short on time but still want to provide your audience with quality content.


  • Product information


This type of content is less likely to be shared on social media and is slightly less entertaining, however, it can be used as a converting piece of content on your site. Use this article to explain in detail how your products and services work.

If targeted to the right people, this type of content can lead to sales and conversions.


  • Case study


A simple case study should never be dismissed. You can create a case study based on a customer, a well-known brand in your industry, trends etc.


  • Statistics


An article full of statistics is very easily shareable. This type of content can be created as an article or as a list. Adding a ‘tweet this’ button to each of your stats can also help to increase your brand awareness and the reach of your article.

These statistics can be based on data and studies conducted by your business, or on statistics that you have gathered from various reputable sources.


  • Checklist


A great content idea for any business. A checklist can be easily and quickly created and is easily shareable on social media.


  • Research articles


Research articles are a great way for you to legitimise the expertise and authority of your business within your industry. Research articles should be based on an extensive amount of data collection and comparison.

It is usually best to have your research articles be released periodically, for example, the year in review, changes in demographics and behaviours of customers during specific seasons etc.


  • An ongoing series


Why not start a regular series for your articles? A popular series can provide an expectation to your readers on when the next ‘issue’ is going to be released. This creates excitement for a loyal readership.

A series can be created based on pretty much anything. Some examples include interviews, testing new products, and reviewing trends.


  • Interviews


Interviews are a great way to get content onto your site. The interviews don’t have to be with external parties either, they can be interviews with the business’s employees. To make it even more enticing to readers, you could begin to interview your customers and have them featured on your website.


  • Posts on trending topics


Before you begin creating blog posts on every trending topic that occurs, it is important to recognise whether the trend is relevant to your readers or target market. If not, writing about the trend will be wasted energy, however, if it is, then writing about a trending topic is a great way to connect with your audience. 

As this type of content is time specific, it is important to have it written and shared ASAP. Delaying this could seem your brand’s content has become irrelevant.


  • Content round up


This type of content requires little effort in terms of writing, but does require research. Before writing a roundup article, do some research into what questions your audience is asking; what they are interested in knowing about.


  • Giveaway/Competition


Everyone loves a giveaway. Create an article about any contests and giveaways that your business is having. Not only will this give you a chance to provide extra bits of information to your readers, but it will also drive traffic to your website.

We would recommend adding budget behind any social posts promoting this type of content as it will most likely bring in a lot of traffic. This traffic can then be retargeted with remarketing ads.


  • Guest posts


Guest posting is a great way to get new visitors to your page and it also brings a new perspective to your brand and products. Guest posting also requires no effort on your end (other than editing).

When choosing guests posts it is important to make sure that their brand values or expertise align with your business.

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