11 Instagram Story Content Ideas

Instagram stories are a great way to humanise your brand and increase reach amongst your followers. Although the Instagram story feature is only a little over a year old, it is making a huge difference in the way users interact with social media content on the platform.

Creating an Instagram story can be fun and liberating for a brand – a great way to show a lighter side to who your business is, but a bad Instagram story can lead your followers to skipping over your stories when they appear.

To help your brand create Instagram stories that will engage your followers try out these easy Instagram story ideas.

1. Behind the scenes

Let your followers into the everyday life of your brand. Use your Instagram story to go behind the scenes of a special project, an important meeting, a basic day in the life, or just to give your followers a tour of your desk or office (whether that’s a physical desk or out in nature).

To make your story more interesting have a rough timeline figured out for your story. For example:

  • Pre-office morning routine
  • First thing you do when you get into the office
  • Any office traditions that occur throughout the day
  • How you deal with orders/enquiries/slow days
  • Tell a fun fact about yourself
  • What you do at the end of your day

11 Instagram Story Content Ideas

2. Poll

Instagram Stories has a great feature which allows you to ask polls and gage how much your audience loves (or does not love) a certain product or idea, or anything else in general. Use this feature to your advantage.

Not only are you collecting data on your followers, but those who respond to your poll or quote are able to see what other responders have said or thought about a question – are they in the majority or in the minority.

11 Instagram Story Content Ideas

3. Q&A time

A brand new feature of Instagram stories has been released which allows you to ask questions via the story feature. This new release allows brands to engage with their followers on a whole new level.

With this feature followers can reply to your story with a statement or question, allowing you to respond to them on the story. This feature can be used to ask followers what they think of a new product, what their favourite thing about your brand is, what they’d like to see more of on your Instagram stories, or to simply have an open Q&A.

11 Instagram Story Content Ideas

4. Product process

Bring your followers into the process of how your products or services are made. This will make them feel like they are apart of the creation process, but will also allow them to appreciate how much effort goes into the product they recieve.

This process can be as detailed or as vague as you like. For a very detailed version you could create a weekly series for the process of each product, or each process. This also creates an opportunity for you to engage with your followers by asking them their opinions and thoughts throughout the creative process.

11 Instagram Story Content Ideas

5. A takeover

Ths type of Instagram story is a great way for your followers to meet the different individuals who make up your business. A takeover can be done by employees, brand ambassadors, celebrities, OR even by a follower themself.

6. Product release

Create buzz around the release of a new product using your Instagram stories. Try to stay away from simply uploading a video advert that was created for the product release. Tailor your Instagram story product release to the instagram story feature.

Use stickers, polls, gifs, location tags and hashtags to show your followers where they can buy the product, the date it has been release, the price and what users of the product have to say. A product release on Instagram stories could also feature the product being used by an employee.

7. Sales/special offers

Everyone loves a sale. Share this information in your Instagram stories. To encourage your followers to continue watching your instagram stories, why not offer them a Instagram story exclusive discount code?

8. Shout out

Show your followers and customers some love within your instagram stories. Start a weekly or fortnightly series where you repost and tag your followers who feature your brand in their posts.

This shows your followers that you are invested in what they have to say about your brand, and that you are happy to reciprocate that love in the form of a shoutout. Seeing that your brand is regularly reposting images will encourage more followers of your brand to tag your brand in their posts.

Don’t forget to tag the follower in your Instagram story post.

11 Instagram Story Content Ideas

9. Blog posts/website traffic

Use your Instagram story to direct followers to your latest blog post on instagram. If you are a verified account, or have over 10K followers, you can add the swipe up feature so that followers can go directly to the post.

For other accounts, simply guide your followers to the link in your bio, or the link to type into the URL.

11 Instagram Story Content Ideas

10. Send people to an event

Do you have a meet-up planned, a special store opening or an event? Use Instagram stories to find more attendees. Instagram stories allows you to add sticker locations to your posts. Use this to your advantage.

Be creative in the way that you promote your event; tag other accounts who will be at the event including the venue, preview what people can expect from the event, ask people questions about what they would like to see at the event etc.

11. Bring light to your posts

With Instagram’s algorithm update posts are no longer shown in chronological order, this means that some of your instagram feed posts may not be seen by your followers. Thankfully, this is not the case for Instagram stories.

Feature your instagram post within your Instagram story and direct your followers back to your feed.

11 Instagram Story Content Ideas

BONUS: Use the Instagram story features
All of these features can help to make your story more engaging and visually appealing to your audience. Just be sure not to use too many features at once.

11 Instagram Story Content Ideas

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