7 Steps to an Effective Instagram Caption

Writing instagram captions that engage your followers can be just as important as the image or video it accompanies. An effective instagram caption captures the reader’s attention, gives them an insight into your brand, and allows you to build rapport with your audience, allowing them to connect with your brand on a personal level.

We’ve put together a 7 point checklist to help you write instagram captions that will help capture your followers attention and keep them engaged with your content.

1. Use the first caption of your sentence wisely

Instagram captions allow for a 2,200 characters, however, previews are limited to 125 characters, after this the caption is followed by a ‘… more’ which requires readers to click on that text to see the complete caption.

With this is mind it is important to include the most important information about your post within the first 125 characters of your post. The character limit should not scare you off writing up longer instagram posts. If your message – and image or video – is enticing enough, your followers will click to see more.

Many popular Instagram accounts such as Humans of New York and National Geographic are known for their longer Instagram captions. Just find what works best for you.

2. Include a call to action in your copy

Use your instagram captions to encourage followers to complete an action while on your account. Including CTAs in your posts can help to drive engagement both on and off of your instagram account. The action could be to like the post, tag a friend, share their experience in their comments, visit your website, buy your product or to use your branded hashtag.

Using a verb when asking followers to complete an action is a great way to still sound conversation in your copy. For example, “double tap if this makes you smile”, “surprise the chocoholic in your life with this death by chocolate bouquet”, “if you’d like to be featured simply tag or hashtag us in your posts”.

3. Invite people to click the link in your bio

Instagram has made it clear that they have created the platform as a way to build communities and drive engagement between individuals. With this goal in mind Instagram only allows for one clickable link on your profile; your bio link.

Your bio link is generally a link to your website, a landing page for a specific campaign, or a blog post. Encouraging people to click in your bio will help you to generate website traffic and competition entries.

Using a tool like the Google UTM generator will allow you bit.ly allows you to customise your URL to appear more appealing.

4. Don’t forget your brand voice

Your instagram captions should be a reflection of your brand personality. There should be a consistent feel to the way you sound throughout your instagram feed. This voice should also align with the tone of voice used across your other marketing channels.

Your band voice allows you to stand out from the crowd and be unique in your industry. Dessert Boxes is a great example of a brand who has developed a consistent voice throughout their instagram feed.

5. Incorporate emoji’s into your Instagram captions

An emoji is a great way to break up text and draw attention to your captions. A good use of emoji’s should help enhance what you have already written rather than detract from your text.

Emoji’s are also a great way to add colour to your captions and entice readers to read more of what you have to say. Everyone loves a good emoji (just make sure not to go too emoji crazy – it can begin to look a bit spammy).

6. Use hashtags wisely

Using hashtags correctly can help your account reach a new audience that isn’t following you, but is interested in your content. Although it isn’t necessary to use captions in your actual instagram caption, it can help to bring colour to the caption.

Hashtags in your caption don’t have to be reserved for the end of the copy either. You can use it throughout your text to highlight relevant words and topics. Just make sure that the hashtags you are using are relevant to your brand and the topic you are addressing in your post.

7. Avoid the spam look

I know we’ve just talked about using emoji’s and hashtags in your posts to attract more engagement on your posts, but that doesn’t mean that every post must include multiple hashtags and emoji’s.

Not every caption needs to be more than 100 characters long, and not every ost will require a non-branded hashtag in the caption. Sometimes less is more. Choose your hashtag and emoji moments wisely.

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