6 Elements of an Effective Facebook Ad Graphic

When it comes to creating a successful Facebook ad there are many different elements to consider. One of the most important elements being the Facebook Ad Graphic. It is the main element of your ad, the element that catches the attention of the user and draws them in to your message… if you’ve got the Facebook ad graphic right that is.

Draw as many eyes – and clicks – to your Facebook ad by following these simple rules when it come to creating your Facebook ad graphic.

1. Make the image bright and eye catching

In the world of social media standing out on a Facebook feed is key to drawing attention to your ad. Focus on using imagery or graphics that are vibrant in colour. This will help your graphic jump out from the newsfeed. In the same way, using black and white as the predominant colour in a Facebook ad graphic is a great way to use a clean design to stand out from the noise of cluttered imagery.

2. Make the Facebook ad graphic relevant to your audience

To have an image that is bright and eye catching is all well and good, but it is pointless if your image is not relevant to the audience. The relevance of your ad is what will increase your click through rate.

Facebook allows you to create very specific targeting for your ads. You should be creating a Facebook ad graphic that reflects the targeting that you have set out.

3. Provide value to your audience

Now that you’ve caught the attention of your audience, and they can relate to what they’re seeing, you need to provide them with value. What’s in it for them? The value aspect of your Facebook ad graphic is an element that will affect the click through rates of your ad by bringing in high intent clicks.

Portraying value in an image can be done by displaying a discount offer, or showing the end result of a purchase through emotive imagery.

4. Use the correct image size

This may seem like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised how many businesses do not consider the image size of their Facebook ad graphic. The specs for the Facebook ad is 1,200 x 628px, or a ratio of 1.9:1.

Using the correct image size will ensure that your image displays correctly and in full to your audience.

5. Avoid using small details and small words

Using small elements in your graphic is a distraction to the user and is essentially pointless, especially on mobile. Instead of focusing on adding in small details to your ad graphic, choose the main message you want to communicate and focus on that as your main and only focal point of the graphic.

6. Be constantly testing to find what works for you

Every business is different, and every audience will react differently to different ads. Test different imagery with your audience to find what type of Facebook ad graphic works well to convert.

The more you test, the more accurate your results will be. Segmenting your audiences ill also help you to find out whether different demographics in your target audience react differently to varying images.

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