Social Media Workshop: Creating and Running a Social Media Sales Campaign


Join me this November for a FULL DAY SEMINAR in creating and running a social media sales campaign.

Whether you have some knowledge about the social media industry, or are a complete newbie, this workshop will provide you with valuable information.

“You will leave this workshop with an actionable social media sales campaign that you will be able to implement as soon as you leave the room.”

Creating a social media campaign is doable, but creating a SUCCESSFUL social media campaign requires research, knowledge, time and effort. In this workshop I want you to leave the room confident in being able to create your own social media campaign using the templates provided on the day.

You can implement these planning strategies to any social media campaign that you would like to run:

  • Christmas Campaign
  • Valentine’s Day
  • EOFY Sale
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • A Product Launch

The list is endless…

So get your tickets now! Tickets are limited as the workshops have been kept small to encourage open questions and discussions.

During this workshop we will cover the following topics.

1. Basic Overview of social media

  • The different platforms
  • How to identify where your audience is
  • How to utilise each social platform for maximum results

2. The basics of setting up a social media sales campaign

  • Aligning business goals to your social goals
  • Creating achievable sales targets
  • Analysing your current and past campaigns to inform your next campaign
  • Understanding your current social media presence
  • Knowing your budget

3. Creating an awareness campaign

4. In-depth analysis of audiences

  • Creating audiences
  • Segmentation
  • Which stage of the sales funnel they are in
  • Understanding audience data of past behaviour to predict future buying patterns
  • Audience acquisition channels and how this affects your sales campaign
  • Nurturing your audience
  • Understanding and leveraging current customers
  • How to get more customers into the sales funnel

5. The elements that are required for a successful social media sales campaign

  • Audience identification
  • Goal setting
  • Writing copy
  • Getting effective creative (images, video, graphics etc.) created

6. Creating social media ads

7. Monitoring your social media sales campaign

  • Analysing data on a regular basis
  • What elements to update and change based on your data
  • How to know whether a campaign is working or not working
  • How to identify problem areas within your campaign

8. The basic rules of working in partnership or conjunction with another business to promote your brand

  • Who owns the emails
  • How in-depth does your agreement need to be
  • What are you restrictions based on the different social platforms

9. Creating email journeys

  • Understanding segmentation for your subscribers
  • Understanding the basic legal requirements for obtaining and using email addresses
  • Creation of a basic ‘nurture and convert’ email journey

10. Landing pages

  • Main elements to a high converting landing page
  • A/B testing
  • How to personalise landing pages to your customers

11. Monitoring and reporting

  • Understanding what your data means
  • What metrics do you actually need to focus on
  • How to use this data to inform your next campaign

Tickets are limited as the workshops have been kept small to encourage open questions and discussions. Get yours now!

What you will need to bring:

  • Laptop
  • Pen/s
  • Basic knowledge on your business/sales goals

What you will leave with:

  • An actionable social media sales plan
  • Templates that can be reused for other social media campaigns
  • An understanding of how the different social media platforms work with one another
  • How to thrive off your current customers
  • How to incorporate your email subscribers into your social media campaigns for successful results
  • A basic understanding of the sales funnel and the function of social media within it
  • An understanding of how to read your social media reports accurately for insights
  • A basic understanding of how to use Google Analytics to measure and understand your social audience